Indonesia: Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Support Project

Date: December 2012
Evaluation; Governance and public sector management
Series: Validations of Project Completion Reports
Project Number: 39127-012


In December 2004, earthquakes and tsunami severely hit Indonesia and left 225,000 lives lost, over 400,000 internally displaced, 20% of the population of Aceh Province rendered homeless, and 20% of the land area of Nias Island damaged. The disaster wiped out most infrastructures along the coast, causing the collapse of public services and major losses of private property and livelihood. On Nias, the earthquake devastated buildings and infrastructure. Restoring normality was essential for pulling people out of their trauma. Damaged public infrastructure had to be rehabilitated or rebuilt. The human and social dimensions of the disaster required concerted efforts to revive livelihoods and restore entire communities. The cost of rehabilitation and reconstruction was estimated at $7 billion. ADB support of $290.8 million from the Asian Tsunami Fund made ADB one of the largest contributors and helped meet a portion of the reconstruction fund requirements. The project constituted an integral and essential part of the Government of Indonesia’s reconstruction efforts.

This study validates the completion report’s assessment of the project, which aimed to help rebuild the regions in Indonesia affected by the December 2004 earthquake and tsunami, and support their economic revival toward meeting the Millennium Development Goals. IED overall assessment: Successful


  • Project Basic Data
  • Project Description
  • Evaluation of Performance and Ratings
  • Other Performance Assessments
  • Overall Assessment, Lessons, and Recommendations
  • Other Considerations and Follow-up