Indonesia: Rural Income Generation Project

Date: December 2012
Type: Evaluation Reports
Agriculture and natural resources; Evaluation; Poverty
Series: Validations of Project Completion Reports


Despite Indonesia’s considerable progress in reducing poverty, still there remained pockets of poverty, especially in rural areas. To address this, special income-generating schemes through the Rural Income Generation Project were approved by ADB in 1997. This project and ADB’s another project, the Income Generating Project for Marginal Farmers and the Landless (P4K) Phase 3, targeted the large number of people living below the poverty line who needed considerable skills development, training, and support. This report validates the completion report’s assessment of the project which aims to sustainably increase the incomes of poor families in selected provinces in Indonesia through skills development and training, savings and credit program, and other empowerment and human development activities. IED overall assessment: Less than successful


  • Project Basic Data
  • Project Description
  • Evaluation of Performance and Ratings
  • Other Performance Assessments
  • Overall Assessment, Lessons, and Recommendations
  • Other considerations and Follow-up