Kazakhstan Country Gender Assessment

Date: May 2006
Type: Country Planning Documents
ADB administration and governance; Gender
Series: Country Gender Assessments


This country gender assessment (CGA) was prepared as part of a regional ADB technical assistance (TA) project covering four countries in the Central Asian Republics (CARs) - the Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan. In addition to supporting Government efforts to promote gender equality and mainstream gender into national poverty reduction strategies, the CGAs aim to ensure that the ADB interventions are responsive to country gender conditions and commitments.


  • Executive Summary
  • Background
  • Gender Dimensions of Poverty
  • Poverty Reduction Programs and Their Impact on Gender Gaps
  • National Legal, Policy, and Institutional Frameworks to Promote Gender Equality
  • Gender Dimensions of Economic Development
  • Gender Dimentions of Human Development
  • Gender and Governance
  • Further Gender Equality Converns
  • Mainstreaming Gender Equality into ADB Operations
  • Appendixes