Kiribati: Country Operations Business Plan (2013-2015)

Date: September 2012
Type: Country Planning Documents
ADB administration and governance
Series: Country Operations Business Plans


The Country Operations Business Plan (COBP) describes the consistency of the business plan for (2013-2015) with the country partnership strategy for Kiribati. 

ADB support for Kiribati’s structural reform program aims to improve corporate governance arrangements and the commercial focus of state-owned enterprises given their critical role in the provision of infrastructure services. In addition, improved public financial management will allow the government to enhance its resource allocation process to ensure that funds are directed to productive areas of the economy, including infrastructure development and maintenance and meeting social service needs.


  • Consistency of the Business Plan with the Country Partnership Strategy
  • Indicative Resource Parameters
  • Summary of Changes to Lending and Nonlending Programs
  • Appendixes