Learning Curves: ADB Decentralization: Progress and Operational Performance

Date: December 2013
Type: Papers and Briefs
ADB administration and governance; Evaluation
Series: Learning Curves


This brief provides a summary of the evaluation of ADB’s decentralization in allocating staff, budgets, activities, responsibilities and decision-making authority between ADB and resident missions (RM). It also discussed operational issues under the current decentralization model and provided recommendations for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of ADB’s operations.

The evaluation recommends that regional departments take a differentiated approach to decentralizing operations to meet the diverse regional development demands and priorities. Direct operations support departments will need to adopt different approaches and schemes to increasingly delegate their activities to regional departments in HQ and to RMs while retaining their corporate quality-standard oversight and fiduciary risk control functions. Knowledge departments with inherent economies of scale will have to strengthen knowledge channels across the institution with more HQ-RM interactions and RM engagement in knowledge activities for better identifying, generating, and sharing knowledge.