Learning Lessons: Enhancing the Contribution of the Private Sector to Inclusive and Environmentally Sustainable Growth

Date: October 2013
Type: Papers and Briefs
Evaluation; Private sector
Series: Learning Lessons


The private sector is pivotal to creating economic opportunities that reduce poverty in Asia and the Pacific. For development institutions, private sector investments offer plenty of opportunity for promoting inclusive and environmentally sustainable growth—and do so at a profit. But this can be difficult terrain to navigate, as the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) experience in this area over the past decade shows.

Strategy 2020, ADB’s long-term strategy approved in 2008, envisages expanding work with the private sector to help developing member countries attract investments that not only support growth but promote inclusiveness and environmental sustainability. ADB’s support can also act as a catalyst for investments that the private sector might not be willing to shoulder.

Independent Evaluation’s evaluation study ADB Private Sector Operations: Contributions to Inclusive and Environmentally Sustainable Growth, on which this edition of Learning Lessons is based, aims to identify lessons from ADB’s experience with a view to informing the selection, design, and monitoring of future private sector operations.