Learning Lessons: Strategy 2020 at Mid-term: Raising ADB's Impact amid Heightened Development Challenges

Date: May 2014
Type: Evaluation Reports
ADB administration and governance; Evaluation
Series: Learning Lessons


This edition of Learning Lessons focuses on the recommendations from Independent Evaluation’s study Inclusion, Resilience, Change ADB’s Strategy 2020 at Mid-Term for ADB to increase its impact. Broadly, the report found that ADB’s strategic agenda remains relevant, but the institution needs to adapt its business model—and most importantly harness its financial and human resources and partnerships—to better deliver on that agenda.

Independent Evaluation offers seven core recommendations for ADB. All of these recommendations hinge on operational reforms to generate better outcomes and will require a substantial change in institutional and business processes rather than fine-tuning. The recommendations seek to address a triple bottom line of fostering simultaneously economic growth, social inclusion and environmental sustainability.