Learning Lessons: Urban Water Supply Sector

Date: May 2011
Type: Papers and Briefs
Evaluation; Water
Series: Learning Lessons
ISBN: 978-92-9092-290-2 (electronic)


This edition of Learning Lessons illustrates how lessons from evaluation can augment ongoing efforts for mitigating risks in the urban water supply sector at the institutional, organizational, operational, and project levels. It also aims to enhance development effectiveness of ADB assistance in the sector. Evaluation lessons are drawn from actual independent evaluation, self-evaluation, and the Evaluation Information System. Users of this brief are advised to carefully review these lessons in the context of the conditions and operating environments that they actually encounter for broadening their understanding of past ADB experience in the sector and the relevance of these lessons to current and future challenges.


  • Foreword
  • Background
  • Key Lessons and Contextual Sector Risks
  • Summary and Conclusions
  • Endnotes: Online References
  • References

Learning Lessons: Urban Water Supply Sector by Independent Evaluation at Asian Development Bank