Macroeconomic Update: Nepal (August 2013)

Date: August 2013
Type: Country Planning Documents
ADB administration and governance; Economics; Finance
Series: Economic and Political Updates


This edition of Macroeconomic Update’s issue focus explores the prospects and challenges faced by Nepal to realize its vision of graduating from Least Developed Country (LDC) category to a developing country status by 2022.


Produced by ADB's Nepal Resident Mission, Macroeconomic Update is published twice a year.


  • Executive Summary 
  • Macroeconomic Update
    • Real Sector 
    • Fiscal Sector
    • Monetary Sector
    • External Sector
  • Issue Focus: Graduation from LDC Category
  • Appendices
    • Appendix 1: Review of Budget for FY2014
    • Appendix 2: Review of Monetary Policy for FY2014
    • Appendix 3: Review of Approach Paper to TYIP FY2014-FY2016
    • Appendix 4: Country Economic Indicators
    • Appendix 5: Country Poverty and Social Indicators