Multilateral Development Banks' Common Performance Assessment System (COMPAS) 2006 Report


The 2006 Multilateral Development Bank (MDB) Common Performance Assessment System(COMPAS) report, published jointly by the African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Inter-American Development Bank and World Bank, provides information on how these MDBs conduct business and organize themselves to ensure that their operations are geared towards results. The purpose of the COMPAS is to report on MDB performance, not on country-level results, which are a joint product of several actors, including the MDBs. The COMPAS provides baseline data against which each MDB may ascertain its own progress over time.

In the 2006 report, efforts have been made to improve the definition of performance indicators and increase the credibility and reliability of the information presented in it. The findings are classified in the following main areas: country capacity to manage for development results, country strategies, allocation of concessional resources, projects, institutional learning from operational experience, results-focused human resources management, and harmonization among development agencies.