Office of the Auditor General, Integrity Division 2008 Annual Report


This report describes the mandate of the Asian Development Bank’s Integrity Division, Office of the Auditor General (OAGI), its processes and procedures; and its achievements in 2008. It features summaries of cases screened and investigated in 2008. It also describes OAGI’s 2008 recommendations to ADB management, operational departments, and other entities; outreach and communication initiatives to advance awareness of and understanding of the anticorruption policy; learning and development activities for both OAGI staff and ADB partners; and continued collaboration and coordination endeavors with other multilateral development banks.

This report includes a section on challenges ahead for OAGI, including discussions on workload and resources; information technology, data management, and analysis; supporting Strategy 2020; and OAGI independence and administration. A section on whistle-blower protection is also discussed in this report.