Loan Regulations: Applicable to Loans Made by the Bank from Its Ordinary Capital Resources (28 November 1967)

Date: November 1967
Type: Policies, Strategies, and Plans
ADB funds and products; ADB administration and governance
Series: Loan Regulations


These regulations, issued on 28 November 1967, set forth terms and conditions generally applicable to loans made by the Bank from its Ordinary Capital Resources.


  • Article I: Purpose; Application to Loan Agreements and Guarantee Agreements
  • Article II: Loan Account, Interest Charge; Repayment; Place of Payment
  • Article III: Currency Provisions
  • Article IV: Withdrawal of Loan Proceeds
  • Article V: Cancellation and Suspension
  • Article VI: Bonds
  • Article VII: Enforceability of Loan Agreements; Failure to Exercise Rights; Arbitration
  • Article VIII: Miscellaneous Provisions
  • Article IX: Effective Date; Termination
  • Article X: Definitions; Headings