Pakistan: Punjab Road Development Sector Project

Date: December 2012
Type: Evaluation Reports
Evaluation; Transport and ICT
Series: Validations of Project Completion Reports
Project Number: 32058-033


The Project aimed to address the constraints in Punjab’s provincial road network. A focused sector approach was chosen because of the road network’s wide geographic coverage and the range of policy and institutional issues. Improving the provincial road network aimed to benefit 72 million people in Punjab province, including 70% who lived in rural areas. The Punjab Provincial Government attempted a few key road policy issues concerning road maintenance and private sector involvement to prevent the loss of investment due to inadequate maintenance spending and widespread overloading. The project was designed to support the principal roads agency, the Communication and Works Department in Punjab, in implementing the vast reorganization required by the ongoing devolution at that time. This involved the transfer of about 11,000 of its staff and turning over the responsibility of maintaining about 34,000 kilometers of roads to the local governments that were set up in 34 districts at the time of appraisal.

This report validates the completion report’s assessment of the program which aims to strengthen road institutions, reduce transport costs and increased access of rural populations to markets and social services in Punjab province in Pakistan. IED overall assessment: Less than successful


  • Project Basic Data
  • Project Description
  • Evaluation of Performance and Ratings
  • Other Performance Assessments
  • Overall Assessment, Lessons, and Recommendations
  • Other considerations and Follow-up