Regulations of the Asian Development Fund

Institutional Document | March 2013

ADB is empowered to establish and administer Special Funds and to carry out special operations financed from such Funds, including the making of loans of high developmental priority, with longer maturities, longer deferred commencement of repayment and lower interest rates than those established by ADB for its ordinary operations. The Board of Governors of ADB has authorized the establishment of the Asian Development Fund which is intended to serve as an instrument for carrying out the concessional lending operations of ADB. The Board of Directors has adopted these regulations for the administration of the Fund and its resources.


  • Article I: The Fund
  • Article II: Resources of the Fund
  • Article III: Operations of the Fund
  • Article IV: Administration and Use of Resources of the Fund
  • Article V: Withdrawal and Termination
  • Article VI: Amendments; Arbitration
  • Article VII: Effectiveness; Transitional Provisions