Review of the Implementation of ADB's Governance and Anticorruption Policies: Findings and Recommendations

Date: February 2006
Type: Statutory Reports and Official Records
ADB administration and governance; Governance and public sector management


In 1995, ADB became the first multilateral development bank to formally adopt a governance policy to promote sound development management. In 1998, ADB adopted an anticorruption policy that recommended a number of actions and called for the implementation of both policies to be reviewed at a later date. The purpose was to identify issues requiring attention, to capture lessons learned, and to provide recommendations on the way forward. The review involved consultations with. over 100 staff and consultations in five members with over 300 civil society and public sector participants. Following agreement on the proposals in this report, a governance and anticorruption action plan will be prepared as part of ADB’s second mediumterm strategy.


  • Background and Introduction
  • Changing Context: Policy Implementation
  • Review Findings: Implementing the Governance Policy
  • Zero Tolerance: Implementing the Anticorruption Policy
  • Organization and Staffing
  • Summary of Findings and the Way Forward
  • Appendixes