Development Effectiveness Review

The Development Effectiveness Review, an annual report by ADB Management, assesses ADB's progress in implementing its long-term strategic framework, Strategy 2020. The review covers all operations financed by ADB's ordinary capital resources and the Asian Development Fund, ADB's concessional lending window. It presents emerging trends and identifies actions for improving corporate performance.

  • April 2014

    Development Effectiveness Review 2013 Report

    The 2013 Development Effectiveness Review is the seventh annual performance review of ADB and the first to apply the revised corporate results framework.
  • April 2013

    Development Effectiveness Review 2012 Report

    The report takes stock of progress since 2008 and shows whether ADB met its 2012 targets for delivery of outputs and outcomes, and improving operational and organizational effectiveness. The review found that the development effectiveness review process introduced in 2008 has successfully propagated a results culture across ADB.
  • April 2012

    Development Effectiveness Review 2011 Report

    The 2011 Development Effectiveness Review (DEfR), ADB's fifth annual performance report by Management, found that ADB made further progress toward its Strategy 2020 targets, and that reforms are succeeding. The report also identified weaker areas and outlined the remedial actions to be taken.
  • April 2011

    Development Effectiveness Review 2010 Report

    ADB's fourth annual performance report by Management finds that ADB made good progress toward many of its Strategy 2020 targets, and shows that its reform measures are yielding results.
  • April 2010

    Development Effectiveness Review 2009 Report

    ADB's third annual performance report by Management finds that ADB made good progress toward many of its Strategy 2020 targets, and notes that its reform measures are yielding results. It also highlights areas where ADB needs to improve its performance and what corrective measures it is implementing.
  • April 2009

    Development Effectiveness Review 2008 Report

    ADB is committed to continuous self-evaluation to maximize its operational effectiveness. The 2008 Development Effectiveness Review is ADB's second annual corporate performance assessment.
  • October 2008

    Development Effectiveness Review 2007 Report

    This inaugural development effectiveness review is a milestone report on the commitment of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to managing for development results. This report assesses progress in implementing ADB's Strategy 2020, measures ADB's contribution to development in Asia and the Pacific and performance as an organization, and pinpoints areas of success, challenges and where corrective action is required.