Special Evaluation Studies

Special Evaluation Studies (SES) extract and aggregate data and information on a specific theme, e.g., nongovernment and civil society organizations, participation, governance, gender, environment, capacity building. This may involve different modalities, sectors, or countries.

  • October 2014

    Safeguards Operational Review: ADB Processes, Portfolio, Country Systems, and Financial Intermediaries

    Examines the effectiveness of ADB’s approach to strengthening and applying country safeguard systems by its developing member countries, as well as the implementation of safeguard requirements for financial intermediary projects.
  • September 2014

    Corporate Evaluation Study: Role of Technical Assistance in ADB Operations

    This corporate evaluation study assesses the strategic relevance of technical assistance (TA) within ADB and how TA and the associated management processes within ADB can better contribute to development effectiveness. The evaluation also generates a series of findings and recommendations to guide ADB in its use of TA.
  • September 2014

    Thematic Evaluation Study on ADB’s Efforts on Regional Cooperation and Integration

    ONGOING EVALUATION. This thematic evaluation study aims to assess the progress made by ADB in promoting regional cooperation and integration and to provide lessons and recommendations for future ADB activities on this area, as well as to feed into future IED corporate evaluations (such as the thematic evaluation on the effectiveness of ADB’s partnerships). The final report is expected to be delivered in 2015. 
  • September 2014

    Thematic Evaluation Study of ADB Support for Enhancing Governance in its Public Sector Operations

    This report assesses ADB support for enhancing governance and draw on lessons and evidence from the broader global experience. The evaluation provides guidance to strengthen the effectiveness of future work in this area. The findings will also feed into the midterm review of Asian Development Fund (ADF) XI, to take place in late 2014.
  • May 2014

    Real-Time Evaluation of ADB’s Initiatives to Support Access to Climate Finance

    This independent evaluation examines how ADB can position itself to improve access to climate finance, develop capacity in developing countries to attract and utilize climate finance, and scale up and mainstream support for climate change responses. The report provides insights into how ADB’s various initiatives have progressed, from the perspective of enhancing its ability to access and leverage climate finance. 
  • March 2014

    Thematic Evaluation Study: ADB Support to Pacific Small Island States

    ONGOING EVALUATION. This evaluation aims to assess the relevance of ADB's support to the development needs of the Pacific small island states, the operational response to the Pacific Approach 2010-2014, and the preliminary results achieved. It will also assess ADB's support for Pacific regional integration and cooperation.
  • March 2014

    Special Evaluation Study: Trade Finance Program (ONGOING)

    ONGOING EVALUATION. The special evaluation study will assess ADB's trade finance activities including the related Trade Finance Program (TFP) technical assistance programs since the initial approval of the program in 2003 to end of 2013. The evaluation will assess the performance of the TFP relative to the objectives set for that program. Based on this assessment, the study will derive operational lessons and recommendations to inform future operations.
  • March 2014

    ADB's Support for Inclusive Growth

    This study assesses ADB's operations in promoting inclusive growth during 2000-2012. This is a timely exercise as it comes at the halfway mark of Strategy 2020's term. The study looks at how ADB set and monitored its institutional priorities for promoting inclusive growth at the corporate level and through its country operations.
  • February 2014

    Inclusion, Resilience, Change: ADB’s Strategy 2020 at Mid-Term

    The midterm review of Strategy 2020 provides the Asian Development Bank (ADB) a precious opportunity to draw on its vast experience over the first 5 years of the strategy's implementation. This evaluation report views the three strategic agendas of inclusive growth, environmental sustainability, and regional integration set out in 2008 as being highly relevant for the second half of Strategy 2020. The thrust of this evaluation is to press on actions and results on the ground - with determination and a reinvigorated sense of urgency - that will make the pursuit of the threefold agenda much more effective going forward.
  • December 2013

    ADB Support for Strengthening the Enabling Environment for Private Sector Development

    This study seeks to understand how ADB has been contributing toward private sector development by improving the environment for private sector businesses to identify ways of enhancing such efforts in line with Strategy 2020 objectives.