Special Evaluation Study on ADB Private Sector Operations: Contributions to Inclusive and Environmentally Sustainable Growth

Date: July 2012
Type: Evaluation Reports
ADB administration and governance; Private sector
Series: Special Evaluation Studies


ONGOING EVALUATION. Strategy 2020 supports an expansion of ADB’s work with the private sector to generate further economic growth in the Asia and Pacific region. ADB is to act as a catalyst for investments that the private sector might not otherwise be willing to make and to do more to help developing member countries attract direct private sector investments that support inclusive growth and improve the environment.

The special evaluation study aims to understand how ADB’s private sector operations are contributing to inclusive and environmentally sustainable growth as part of the efforts to promote private sector investments and growth, and how ADB can position itself to achieve stronger development impact, directly or indirectly. This study adopts the implicit Strategy 2020 definition of inclusive growth, i.e. economic growth that also benefits populations in disadvantaged and rural areas, low-income groups, small entrepreneurs, and women by expanding economic opportunities and broadening access to such opportunities by these groups.

Evaluation findings are expected to inform the selection, design and monitoring of future private sector operations. The study will, among others, seek to answer the following questions:

  1. Has the selection of countries and assistance areas for private sector operationreflected ADB’s strategic objective of supporting inclusive and environmentally sustainable growth?
  2. How have inclusive and environmentally sustainable growth objectives been addressed in project design, implementation, and monitoring?
  3. How effective have private sector operationbeen in contributing towards inclusive and environmentally sustainable growth? Have there been important disconnects among achieved project outputs, project outcomes, and these high-level development impacts? If so, what are the reasons?
  4. How can Private Sector Operations Department further facilitate inclusion and environmental sustainability through its private sector operationsin line with Strategy 2020?