Impact Evaluation Study of Selected Road Projects in Bangladesh

Date: November 2012
Type: Evaluation Reports
Transport and ICT
Series: Special Evaluation Studies


ONGOING EVALUATION. Roads have been championed by ADB as instruments for achieving inclusive growth, one of three pillars of Strategy 2020. The rationale is that rural poor households can better exploit agricultural and non-agricultural opportunities to employ labor and capital more efficiently. Yet despite such a general consensus on the importance of roads for development and poverty reduction, there is surprisingly little hard evidence on the size and nature of their benefits especially to the poor, leaving knowledge gaps as to how the spurred opportunities associated with improved roads have actually filtered into the development outcomes for the rural poor.

This ongoing evaluation will assess the development outcome of selected road projects in Bangladesh, provide evidence of poverty impacts of road interventions, and fill in the knowledge gap. It will use impact evaluation methods based on statistical and econometric analyses of quantitative data from household and community level surveys, both existing and to be conducted by the study. The counterfactuals will be drawn from comparable non-participants areas. For additional insights on non-quantifiable variables and study robustness, it will collect qualitative information and integrate it into the quantitative analyses.

The objective of this study is to evaluate ex-post impacts of ADB-financed road projects in Bangladesh. The study will (i) measure impacts that are attributed to the projects in achieving the intended impacts and outcomes; (ii) help improve ADB‟s operational effectiveness at the project level; and (iii) enhance the relevance of ADB corporate results framework. Key evaluation questions will be:

  1. Did road projects influence poverty in Bangladesh?
  2. What outcome indicators were good proxies for project impacts?
  3. What indicators should be in project design and monitoring framework and measured periodically during a project cycle?