Special Evaluation Study: Trade Finance Program (ONGOING)

Evaluation Document | 11 March 2014

ONGOING EVALUATION. The special evaluation study will assess ADB's trade finance activities including the related Trade Finance Program (TFP) technical assistance programs since the initial approval of the program in 2003 to end of 2013. The evaluation will assess the performance of the TFP relative to the objectives set for that program. This will be broken down into assessments of the program's relevance, investment profitability, ADB's additionality, effectiveness and work quality. Special attention will be given to TFP's effects on trade finance volumes and trade activities, its contributions to the development of the trade finance markets in the countries it operates in, its responsiveness to client needs including the extent of utilization of its products (i.e., credit guarantees, risk participation agreements, and the revolving credit facility), the quality of its due diligence process, TFP's cost effectiveness, and the exit strategy for the program. Based on this assessment, the study will derive operational lessons and recommendations to inform future operations.