Sustaining Growth: A Private Sector Assessment for Vanuatu

Institutional Document | August 2009

Sustaining Growth: A Private Sector Assessment for Vanuatu is the eleventh in a series of private sector assessments undertaken by the Pacific Department for its member countries over the past 6 years.

ADB carries out Private Sector Assessments (PSAs) to identify constraints and opportunities for private sector development (PSD) in developing member countries (DMCs). PSAs serve as the basis for formulating the Country Strategy and Program, including strategic PSD projects. This PSA for Vanuatu describes the macroeconomic background in the country, assesses challenges and opportunities for PSD, and contains recommendations for long-term and operational priorities for the development of the private sector.

PSAs are based on available country data, existing studies, sample surveys, assessments, and discussions with stakeholders.


  • Foreword
  • Summary and Recommendations
  • Upgrading Infrastructure
  • Improving Governance and Reducing the Role of the State
  • Modernizing the Commercial Legal Framework
  • Expanding Access to Finance
  • Reforming the Land Leasing System
  • Conclusion