Thematic Evaluation Study of ADB Support for Enhancing Governance in its Public Sector Operations

Date: May 2013
Type: Evaluation Reports
ADB funds and products; ADB administration and governance; Governance and public sector management
Series: Special Evaluation Studies


ONGOING EVALUATION. As the development bank for a dynamic, fast growing, but increasingly vulnerable region, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) occupies a unique and important position. Increasingly, it is looked upon by its stakeholders to play a role in supporting good governance as a means to raising development effectiveness, especially where weak governance and corruption pervade. Its evolving governance agenda manifests ADB’s recognition of this role. What can ADB learn from its own experience and what lessons have emerged from the wider global experience? How can ADB draw on this knowledge to more effectively support its developing member countries in addressing governance challenges? This evaluation will present a learning opportunity by addressing these and other important questions.

The objective is to examine ADB support for enhancing governance through its public sector operations and provide guidance to strengthen the effectiveness of this support in the future. The evaluation will focus on the criteria of relevance, responsiveness, and results in evaluating ADB’s support for enhancing governance in its public sector operations. Under relevance, the evaluation will assess the extent to which ADB’s governance agenda is aligned with its overall mission and relevant to the needs and dynamics of the Asia-Pacific region. For responsiveness, the evaluation will consider how ADB has responded, strategically and organizationally, to the governance agenda. For results, the evaluation will assess how effectively ADB is meeting the key principles and objectives of the governance agenda and what results its governance operations are yielding.