Thematic Evaluation Study: ADB Support to Pacific Small Island States

Evaluation Document | 20 March 2014

ONGOING EVALUATION. This evaluation aims to assess the relevance of ADB's support to the development needs of the Pacific small island states, the operational response to the Pacific Approach 2010-2014, and the preliminary results achieved. It will also assess ADB's support for Pacific regional integration and cooperation.

ONGOING EVALUATION. This evaluation will assess the extent to which ADB support is relevant to the development challenges facing the Pacific's smallest, and in some cases fragile, states. It will focus on how ADB works in the region to reduce vulnerability, support regional cooperation and integration, and promote inclusive economic growth. ADB's response to climate change and gender issues in the Pacific will also be examined as well as support for state capacity building and partnerships, and other themes included in ADB's Pacific Approach 2010-2014.