Thematic Evaluation Study: Role of Technical Assistance in ADB

Date: May 2013
Type: Evaluation Reports
ADB funds and products
Series: Special Evaluation Studies


ONGOING EVALUATION. Technical assistance is one of the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) main operational instruments. Technical assistance operations assist ADB’s developing member countries to identify and design projects, improve institutions, and formulate development strategies

ADB’s technical assistance operations have traditionally been focused on project preparation and advisory services. But they are increasingly being used to support capacity development and knowledge generation and management.

This thematic evaluation study will assess the strategic relevance of technical assistance within ADB and look at how technical assistance can better contribute to development effectiveness. The study aims to generate findings and recommendations to guide ADB in its future use of technical assistance. Among its focus areas are the extent to which ADB’s policy on technical assistance and the pattern of use is consistent with the priorities defined in corporate strategies , and whether the resources available for technical assistance reflect the emerging role of ADB as a knowledge institution.