User's Guide to Procurement of Works—Small Contracts

Date: March 2014
Type: Guides
ADB administration and governance
ISBN: 978-92-9254-391-4 (print), 978-92-9254-392-1 (web)


This User’s Guide is intended to provide guidance to Borrowers on how to prepare a bidding document for unit price or lump sum types of small works contracts that incorporate postqualification, and how to evaluate bids and aware contracts based on ADB’s Standard Bidding Document for the Procurement of Works, Small Contracts.


  • Introduction
  • The Bidding Process
  • Invitation for Bids
  • Instructions to Bidders
  • Bid Data Sheet
  • Evaluation and Qualification Criteria
  • Bidding Forms
  • Eligible Countries
  • Employer's Requirements
  • General Conditions of Contract
  • Particular Conditions of Contract
  • Contract Forms