Using the Logical Framework for Sector Analysis and Project Design: A User's Guide

Date: December 1998
ADB administration and governance
ISBN: 971-561-174-5 (print)
Price: Hardcopy price: $10.00


The logical framework is presented as a conceptual and analytical tool for undertaking sector analysis, project planning, and project management. While, traditionally, the logical framework is a 16-box frame, this guide emphasizes the basic concepts and underlying processes inherent in applying the logical framework.

This guide clarifies concepts such as:

performance indicators
cause-effect analysis
It also indicates how these contribute to the process of systematically and logically analyzing sector performance; planning interventions; and monitoring project implementation.

The guide uses a simplified example from the transport sector to illustrate these concepts and processes.


  • Introduction
  • Overview of the Process
  • Assess Sector Performance
  • Project Design and Planning
  • Management Information Systems
  • Questions Often Asked About the Logical Framework