Viet Nam: Country Gender Assessment

Institutional Document | December 2006

The Viet Nam Country Gender Assessment, a joint publication by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UK Department for International Development and Canadian International Development Agency, provides the gender situation analysis and insights in some emerging issues faced by women in Viet Nam. This analytical background can be used for the donors and the Government tackling gender inequality and implementing the Government's 10-year Strategy for the Advancement of Women in Vietnam and National Plan of Action (POA3).

The CGA covers a range of issues including the Government's poverty reduction strategy, human rights, underlying causes of gender inequalities, and others that impacted a high number of people and had multiplier or secondary effects. Key recommendations proposed by the CGA are:

  • Developing innovative solutions to increase access to social basic services i.e health, education, especially in remote and ethnic minority areas
  • Preparing gender-sensitive modules and materials for use in schools
  • Developing creative solutions including agriculture extension services to support women farmers more proactively
  • Preparing a roadmap - including policy changes, training, instruments, and resources - to increase the number of women in decision making


  • Foreword
  • Executive Summary
  • On the Path to Gender Equality
  • Leveling the Playing Field for Sustained Growth
  • The Fallout of Social and Economic Change
  • Conclusions, Recommendations, and Implications
  • References