Voices from the Field: Nepal Country Strategy and Program through Peoples Participation

Date: December 2004
Type: Country Planning Documents
ADB administration and governance
Series: CPS Mid-Term Review Reports


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) prepares a country strategy and program (CSP) every 5 years to guide its operations in each of its developing member countries (DMCs). ADB adopted a highly consultative and participatory approach in preparing the Nepal CSP for 2005–2009. The consultative process included a series of regionaland national-level consultations, conducted intermittently between November 2003 and June 2004, with representatives of civil society organizations, the private sector, academe, trade unions, political parties, and government officials.

This document is the outcome of these regional consultations, summarizing key discussions of the regional workshops. Workshop recommendations served as the basis for preparing the CSP and for setting its priorities.


  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Development in Conflict
  • Transforming Traditional Agriculture
  • Developing Skills for Employment
  • Sustainable Development of Water Resources 
  • Reaching the Poorest of the Poor
  • Promoting Inclusive Development
  • Connectivity, Connectivity, Connectivity
  • Appendixes