Projects FAQs


Are you looking for an ADB project?

Please visit the Projects section and enter keywords, such as the project title or approval number, in the search box. You may also browse projects by country, sector, or theme. Clicking on a country, sector, or theme will generate a list of projects according to the category that you selected, listed by approval date. 

If you can't find a project by searching under a particular country, try searching under Regional projects. These are projects whose coverage focuses or spans two or more countries. From the main Projects page, you can select  'Regional' from under the Countries tab, then at the top of the search results page that comes up, type in the name of the country in the keyword search, or use other filters to narrow down your results.

For advanced search options, click on Search/Browse Projects in the left-hand navigation menu to filter search results by country, sector, theme, type of assistance, type of financing, status and year of approval. You may use multiple filters. For example, selecting Public Sector Management under Filter by Sectors, Grant under Filter by Type of Assistance, and Approved under Filter by Status will generate a list of approved grants for the public sector management sector.

Project records contain the Project Data Sheet (PDS) as well as project and evaluation documents, business opportunities, and other project-related information.

You may download the list of projects as an Excel CSV file by clicking on Download Projects on the upper-right hand side of the page.

Do you want to know the latest projects in an ADB developing member country?

Dedicated country pages provide an updated list of proposed and approved ADB projects. Please go to the Countries section to select a particular country.

The most recently proposed and approved projects are listed just below the Overview on the main country page. Click on “View All Proposed” or “View All Approved” to get the complete list.

The dedicated country pages also offer filtering options that enable you to view the list of proposed or approved projects by sector, theme, type of assistance, type of financing, status, and year of approval. You may use multiple filters.

What is the Project Data Sheet (PDS)?

The Project Data Sheet or PDS provides a summary of project or program information. Because the PDS is a work in progress, some information may not be included in its initial version but will be added as it becomes available.
Under ADB’s 2011 Public Communications Policy, the PDS replaces the project information document (PID) required under the 2005 policy.
To print the complete copy of the PDS, click on the Print link on the upper right side of the page. This will launch a print-ready version of the PDS.

To save the PDS as a PDF file, click on the Download link on the upper right side of the page.
You may also share the PDS with other people through social media, such as Facebook or Twitter.

Are you looking for an ADB project document?

If you are looking for project documents, such as the Reports and Recommendations of the President, Completion Reports, and project safeguard documents, go to the Projects section and click on Project Documents in the left-hand navigation menu.

Enter keywords or the project number in the search box on the Project Documents page. You may also browse project documents by country, document type, or project stage, and search for specific safeguard documents.

A list of project documents will be generated according to the category you chose. Clicking on the filters on the left side of the list enables you to drill down or refine the results by using multiple filters (e.g., subject, year, language).

You may also access these documents from a particular project record. Go to a project record and click on the Documents link in the left-hand navigation menu. This will generate a list of all project documents related to this project.