Asia Energy Demand and Clean Energy Solutions

As Asia is on track to becoming the world's largest energy-consuming region by 2025, it is set to experience increasingly challenging energy security and climate change issues. Energy efficiency is emerging as one of the main tools that can help Asian nations meet the region's growing energy needs in a clean and efficient way.

ADB Aims to Accelerate Demand-side Energy Efficiency Investments

ADB will boost investment in end-user energy efficiency to help Asia and the Pacific tackle surging power demand and growing environmental threats from greenhouse gas emissions.

Efficiency: the Power of Energy Thrift

Improved efficiencies at the point of final energy consumption have the potential to be a main driver for enhancing energy security in Asia and the Pacific.

Here Comes the Sun in India's Gujarat

The world's largest solar power park in India's Gujarat state is a blueprint for how risks associated with large-scale renewable energy projects can be managed with proper planning and coordination.

Why Asia and the Pacific Need to Scale Up Energy Efficiency Investments

Bindu Lohani, ADB Vice-President Knowledge Management and Sustainable Development, discusses the need for clean energy investments and greater energy efficiency in Asia.

Same Energy, More Power: Accelerating Energy Efficiency in Asia

This report examines prospects for ADB to ramp up efforts in the region for greater utilization of demand-side energy efficiency, the most cost-effective source of energy supply.

Efficiency: Low-hanging Fruit of the Energy Challenge

Can demand-side energy efficiency contribute to Asia's energy independence? Read the transcript of the live online chat with ADB experts discussing this and other issues.

Tapping Renewable Energy in Indonesia

An ADB-funded Renewable Energy Development Sector Project expands the use of environmentally sustainable sources of power to meet the growing demand for electricity in Indonesia.

Greening of ADB Headquarters

As an organization that promotes sustainable development, ADB has been transforming its 20-year old building into a showcase of sustainability.