Afghanistan Infrastructure, Development and Reconstruction

At the Tokyo Conference on Afghanistan, ADB reiterated its commitment to the country’s long-term development, including $1.2 billion program funding through 2016.
Since 2002, ADB has approved more than $2.8 billion in loans, equity investments, grants and technical assistance for Afghanistan, primarily focused on the transport, energy, water and irrigation sectors.

News: $1.2 Billion in Long-Term Support for Afghanistan


New Investment for the Creation and Maintenance of Afghanistan Infrastructure Projects Needed

ADB's Director General for Central and West Asia Department Klaus Gerhaeusser explains why Afghanistan's development programs need continued support.

Afghanistan: The Next Decade and Beyond

ADB hopes to improve the lives of millions of people in Afghanistan by 2020, through nearly $2.9 billion in concessional loans, grants and technical assistance.

Laying Tracks to the Border

A rail connection from Afghanistan’s biggest northern city to the Uzbekistan border offers a chance to reestablish the war-torn nation as a regional trade hub.

A Staple for All Seasons

In Afghanistan, where only a fraction of the country’s land is arable or cultivated, a grassroots initiative is helping farmers better preserve their crops and take their produce to market at more profitable prices.

Lighting Up the City

After years of darkness and air pollution caused by countless diesel generators, Kabul has reliable grid-supplied power, and initiatives are in motion to do the same for the rest of Afghanistan.

12 Things to Know in 2012: The New Silk Road

The thriving east-west trade that once prospered along the famed Silk Road is slowly being restored to its former glory through transport and trade links being rolled out under the CAREC program. Here are 12 facts and figures on the New Silk Road.

ADB Receives Award for Afghanistan Telecom Project

In Afghanistan's isolated areas, where traditions and infrastructure have changed little over centuries, mobile phone technology is connecting people and changing lives one step at a time.

Road Works Ahead

A 100-km stretch of road is saving and improving lives and enhancing business opportunities in the north of Afghanistan, but it is just one small part of the 2,700-km ring road that is helping reconnect the country with Central Asia and the Middle East.