World Environment Day 2013 - Think, Eat, Save

Take Action to Reduce Your 'Foodprint': Think, Eat, Save

THINK - Be aware of what you buy. Avoid buying meat or fish from endangered species or foodstuff that use vegetable products of questionable origin. Get to know your food.
EAT - Be aware of what you eat. Where possible, eat only sustainably caught or produced food.
SAVE - Be aware of the environment. Save the environment through promoting and supporting sustainable food production and consumption.

Sustainable Tuna Fisheries in Asia and the Pacific

A sustainable fishery industry can help replenish the tuna stock in the ocean while at the same time guarantee food security and the livelihood of coastal communities in Asia and the Pacific.

Protecting the Heart of Borneo through Sustainable Business Practices

Emerging sustainable business practices in the Heart of Borneo may help counteract threats like deforestation and palm oil production.

Every Grain Counts: ADB Supporting Food Sustainability

ADB is helping combat hunger by raising food productivity, while at the same time supporting initiatives to reduce food waste.

The Value of Food

The Quiet Revolution in Staple Food Value Chains

Feeding nine billion people by 2050 is a top priority on the global agenda for sustainable and inclusive development.

Food Security and Poverty in Asia and the Pacific: Key Challenges and Policy Issues

This paper discusses the drivers behind food insecurity in Asia and points to ways to mitigate it.