Youth Employment and Skills Development in Asia and the Pacific

The Youth at Work

The 2013 ADB International Skills Development Forum looks at the need to address youth unemployment and a growing mismatch between education and jobs requirements in the Asia and Pacific region, focusing on the efforts of governments and the private sector and the role of information and communications technology.

Empowering the Youth

ADB-sponsored youth participants are at the 3rd Interational Skills Development Forum as panelists and correspondents. View updates in the social media feed below.

ICT and Skills Development in Asia and the Pacific: 12 Things to Know

Information and communications technology is both an engine of growth for developing countries and a tool for training today's youth to become the workforce of tomorrow.

Skills for Competitiveness, Jobs, and Employability in Developing Asia-Pacific

Presentations and discussions at the ADB International Skills Development Forum held in December 2012 .

The Right Skills Mean Better Jobs and Stronger Economies

Addressing the acute skills-jobs mismatch in many Asia and Pacific countries.

Youth Employment and Skills Development in Asia and the Pacific: By the Numbers

Here's a by-the-numbers look at the status of youth employment and training in Asia and the Pacific.

Skills Development: Promising Approaches in Developed Countries and Emerging Economies

Recent trends and reports indicate that availability of talent is a key component of the long-term competitiveness of companies and nations.

Skills for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth in Developing Asia and the Pacific

Jobs and skills are pressing challenges for developing countries, including a growing concern of skills mismatch.