Upgrading Water and Sanitation Services in Azerbaijan's Nakhchivan

An ADB-supported project is bringing safe drinking water and improved sanitation services to Azerbaijan's geographically isolated region of Nakhchivan. Read More

Saving Lives with Reliable Electricity in Samoa

ADB has helped improve power supply in Samoa, improving the quality of life in the islands. Read More

Rethinking the Shape of the Toilet in Asia

There are different ways of thinking about the future of the humble toilet, says Michael Hoffman, Professor of Environmental Science at the California Institute of Technology and winner of the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge set by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Watch Video

Demographic Trends Shape Education in Asia

The needs of a growing population of young people are shaping education policies in Asian countries, explains ADB education expert Jouko Sarvi. Read More



Asia is a global success story when it comes to educating children, but the region faces challenges in keeping students from dropping out and developing skilled workers. Find out more about education issues in Asia and the Pacific, ADB’s work in the sector, education-related jobs and consulting opportunities, and more. More

Climate Change

The Asia Pacific region is at the forefront of the struggle to mitigate and adapt to climate change. The Asian Development Bank is an important player in this effort. Learn more about climate change in the region, including expert analysis of the issues. More


Asian countries need sustainable transport systems – trains, buses, ferries, bike paths – that move people in a low-carbon, safe, accessible, and affordable way. Learn about the issues facing the sector, ADB’s support for sustainable transport, and see video and multimedia presentations of the region’s transport systems. More



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