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Business Opportunities Fair 2014 - Registration

Important Notes

  1. By registering to the BO Fair, you agree to share the information you provide (i.e. your name and company contact details and professional interests) with the other confirmed participants, to enable networking among BO Fair participants.
  2. ALL fields must be answered; otherwise, registration will not be completed. If submission of online registration is successful, you should receive within a few minutes an automated email acknowledgement to your registered email address. If this does not happen, either there was a typo error in the address you entered, or you had entered someone else's email address. In such cases, please repeat the online registration process taking extra care in typing your own email address.
  3. Each interested individual should register separately. A maximum of two (2) participants per company/organization may register.
  4. This registration template includes a field at the end where you can briefly indicate specific professional interests that could help facilitate effective networking. This could include an advertisement of your organization's expertise or specialization, unique strengths and experience, or a search for specific areas of cooperation with other consulting firms.
  5. The deadline for registration is on 31 January 2014, Friday, by close of business Manila time (GMT+8).


Given resource and space constraints, and in order to ensure equitable participant representation from member countries as well as from priority sectors, the ADB will validate registration applications and will send a confirmation on your participation to your registered email address by 07 February 2014, Friday. Without such confirmation of participation, you will not be able to participate in the BO Fair. Kindly ensure to provide your unique individual email address, and not someone else's email address, as the ADB will send confirmations only to unique email addresses.

Registration Form