Country Tables

This section contains 48 country tables pertaining to regional members of ADB. Out of these 48 country tables, 44 pertain to ADB's developing member economies, one to an unclassified regional member and three to developed member economies. The indicators in the country tables cover a 18-year period from 1993 to 2010 and are grouped according to the following main topics:

  • population
  • labor force
  • national accounts
  • production
  • energy
  • price indexes
  • money and banking
  • government finance
  • external trade
  • balance of payments
  • international reserves
  • exchange rates
  • external indebtedness

The data in the country tables are obtained from statistical partners in international statistical agencies and ADB's regional members. The data which are provided by regional members are comparable to the extent that they follow the standard international concepts, definitions, and estimation methods recommended by the United Nations and other applicable international agencies. Where appropriate, footnotes are provided in the country tables to reflect any variations from recommended international standards.

Afghanistan  PDF XLS
Armenia  PDF XLS
Australia  PDF XLS
Azerbaijan  PDF XLS
Bangladesh  PDF XLS
Bhutan  PDF XLS
Brunei Darussalam  PDF XLS
Cambodia  PDF XLS
China, People's Republic of  PDF XLS
Cook Islands  PDF XLS
Fiji, Republic of PDF XLS
Georgia  PDF XLS
Hong Kong, China  PDF XLS
India  PDF XLS
Indonesia  PDF XLS
Japan  PDF XLS
Kazakhstan  PDF XLS
Kiribati  PDF XLS
Korea, Republic of  PDF XLS
Kyrgyz Republic  PDF XLS
Lao People's Democratic Republic  PDF XLS
Malaysia  PDF XLS
Maldives  PDF XLS
Marshall Islands  PDF XLS
Micronesia, Federated States of  PDF XLS
Mongolia  PDF XLS
Myanmar  PDF XLS
Nauru  PDF XLS
Nepal  PDF XLS
New Zealand  PDF XLS
Pakistan  PDF XLS
Palau  PDF XLS
Papua New Guinea  PDF XLS
Philippines  PDF XLS
Samoa  PDF XLS
Singapore  PDF XLS
Solomon Islands  PDF XLS
Sri Lanka  PDF XLS
Taipei,China  PDF XLS
Tajikistan  PDF XLS
Thailand  PDF XLS
Timor-Leste  PDF XLS
Tonga  PDF XLS
Turkmenistan  PDF XLS
Tuvalu  PDF XLS
Uzbekistan  PDF XLS
Vanuatu  PDF XLS
Viet Nam  PDF XLS