About Energy

ADB's Energy for All Initiative

If you’re reading this on a computer, then your access to electricity and all its benefits – including the internet – is more or less assured. But for 700 million people in Asia, the benefits of modern electricity are out of reach. And for 1.9 billion people in Asia, cooking is still done over an open flame, which fills home with smoke and gives rise to many respiratory problems, especially among children.

Access to energy has been called the missing Millennium Development Goal. Modern energy makes human development possible, saving time and effort by making work more efficient, and enabling services that are as complex as refrigerating important vaccines to as simple as replacing the kerosene lamp of a child studying for school with a safer, electric bulb.

The needs of these millions of people can also be addressed without greatly increasing greenhouse gas emissions. In the case of open fires, replacing them with cleaner burning options would actually decrease the amount of black carbon in the atmosphere. Increased energy access can be a win-win solution for both people and the environment. Renewable energy systems can meet power needs, and

Access to energy can come in many different forms:

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