ADB and World Bank Response to Media Queries on North East Visit

News Release | 6 February 2006

COLOMBO, SRI LANKA - After consultation with the Government and the LTTE, the heads of representative offices of ADB, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank have postponed their visit to Kilinochchi. The visit will be rescheduled after the Geneva meeting later this month.

Much hope rests on a successful outcome at the Geneva talks and the agencies did not want to undertake anything that might have a negative impact on the buildup to this event. A technical team has proceeded to Kilinochchi to review impediments to implementation of ongoing tsunami and post conflict recovery programs.

The heads of representative offices of these agencies reiterate their commitment to play their appropriate role in supporting the peace process in Sri Lanka as peace is the key to sustainable poverty reduction for all Sri Lankans. In particular they would like to ensure the provision of support from the ADB, United Nations and the World Bank for the restoration of livelihoods and humanitarian support in the conflict affected areas of Sri Lanka.