Briefs: Loans and Technical Assistance

Briefs provide a short description of approved loans, grants, and technical assistance of less than $200 million. Projects are listed by date of approval, starting with the most recent. Search for projects by subject, country, and/or year.

Date Title
22 Feb 2014 Proposed Technical Assistance for Capacity Development for Banks in Developing Member Countries under the Trade Finance Program
11 Dec 2013 Mongolia: Additional Financing and Technical Assistance Grant for Food and Nutrition Social Welfare Project
26 Nov 2012 Kyrgyz Republic – Investment Climate Improvement Program Grant
16 Nov 2012 Country Diagnostic Studies Technical Assistance
25 Oct 2012 Armenia – Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Program Loans, TA
27 Sep 2012 Lao PDR: Governance and Capacity Development in Public Sector Management
19 Sep 2012 Promoting Socially Sustainable Transport through Improving Nonmotorized Transport
17 Sep 2012 People's Republic of China: Streamlining Framework for Social Assistance
14 Sep 2012 Philippines – Strengthening Knowledge-Based Economic and Social Development
28 Aug 2012 Bangladesh – Disaster Risk Finance Technical Assistance
30 Aug 2012 Central Asia – Enhancing CAREC Program Technical Assistance
5 Jul 2012 Viet Nam: Microfinance Development Program
29 May 2012 Bangladesh: Third Primary Education Project
29 Jun 2012 Development Partnership Program for South Asia
18 Jun 2012 Empowering the Poor through Increasing Access to Energy
11 May 2012 Bhutan: Technical Assistance to Strengthen Regulation & Capacity for Nonbank Financial Institutions
29 Mar 2012 Technical Assistance Special Fund – Additional Contribution (Pakistan)
26 Mar 2012 Technical Assistance Special Fund – Additional Contribution (India)
29 Mar 2012 Pacific Region: Technical Assistance for Quality Primary Education
29 Mar 2012 Pacific region: Technical Assistance for Enhancing ADB’s Engagement in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States