News Briefs

News briefs provide short descriptions of approved loans, grants, and technical assistance of less than $200 million. Projects are listed by date of approval, starting with the most recent.

Latest News Briefs

Title Date
Lao PDR – Governance & Capacity Development in PSM Program Loan 03 Dec 2014
Viet Nam: 2nd Lower Secondary Education Disadvantaged Areas Loan 28 Nov 2014
India: Kerala Additional Skills Acquisition Program 19 Nov 2014
Cambodia: Third Financial Sector Program Subprogram 3 Loan 18 Nov 2014
Viet Nam – Integrated Rural Development Project Loan 21 Oct 2014
Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Tourism Infrastructure for Inclusive Growth Project (Viet Nam) 30 Sep 2014
PRC, Indonesia –Technical Assistance to Promote Carbon Capture, Storage 01 Sep 2014
Bhutan – SASEC Road Connectivity Project 01 Aug 2014
Armenia – Power Transmission Rehabilitation Project Loan 01 Aug 2014
Central Asia –Technical Assistance for CAREC Cooperation Program 30 Jun 2014
Pakistan: National Highway Network Development in Balochistan Project 30 Jun 2014
Kyrgyz Republic – Investment Climate Improvement Program 19 Jun 2014
PRC: Guangdong Chaonan Water Resources Development and Protection Demonstration Project 03 Mar 2014
Proposed Technical Assistance for Capacity Development for Banks in Developing Member Countries under the Trade Finance Program 22 Feb 2014
Viet Nam: Sustainable Urban Transport for Ho Chi Minh City 20 Feb 2014
UK Commits £11.8 Million For New Regional Health Trust Fund 23 Jan 2014
Indonesia: Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Program 13 Dec 2013
Mongolia: Additional Financing and Technical Assistance Grant for Food and Nutrition Social Welfare Project 11 Dec 2013
Viet Nam – Financial Sector Deepening Program Loan 06 Dec 2013
People's Republic of China: Yunnan Sustainable Road Maintenance (Sector) Project 02 Dec 2013