Japan Funds $2 Million Grant to Boost Disaster Risk Management in Cambodia

PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA (18 June 2014) – The Asian Development Bank (ADB) will provide a $2 million grant from the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction (JFPR), financed by the Government of Japan, to strengthen policies and institutions to enable the Cambodian government to address disaster risks more effectively.

“The grant will help the Government of Cambodia develop sound strategies, guidelines, standard operating procedures, and training for disaster risk management at the national and subnational level,” said ADB Country Director for Cambodia Eric Sidgwick.

Cambodia experiences drought and flooding that affect a significant portion of its poor population every year. In the past 5 years, such disasters have caused hundreds of human casualties, widespread damage to public infrastructure, and millions of dollars in economic losses. As global climate conditions continue to change, Cambodia is expected to experience increasingly unpredictable floods and droughts that may overwhelm the country’s limited resources.

A recent assessment conducted by ADB financed project shows that the National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM), the country’s main agency responsible for coordination and responses to disasters, is in need of solid policy and resources to manage disasters effectively. Conditions are more challenging at the subnational level—the front line in addressing direct impacts of emergencies and disasters.

The project will help integrate disaster risk responses into national development plans and develop a unified strategy for disaster risk management across different government sectors for improved coordination. The project will also identify training needs for NCDM Secretariat (NCDMS) staff and develop appropriate training.

The project will be carried out over 2 years from July 2014 to June 2016 under NCDMS supervision.