18th GMS Ministerial Conference

Event | 11 - 12 December 2012 Li Yuan Resort, Nanning, People’s Republic of China (PRC)


The theme of the Conference is "New Start, New Progress: Building on Two Decades of the GMS Program"

It will consist of the:

  • Senior Officials' Meeting (SOM) combined with the Meeting of the Regional Investment Framework (RIF) Steering Committee, which will review the interim outputs of the RIF formulation process and assess the status of various conference deliverables;
  • Development Partners' Meeting (DPM), which will seek ways to better engage partners for the next generation of investments to be generated by the RIF formulation process, as well as strengthening the knowledge platform under the new GMS Strategic Framework (SF); and
  • Ministerial Meeting (MM), which will consider the reports/ recommendations of the SOM and DPM; the Ministerial Retreat in the afternoon will enable GMS Ministers to exchange views (in an informal and interactive setting) on the emerging thrusts and priority programs/ projects in the RIF and the means to effectively realize the goals of the new GMS SF.


  • to review and consider the interim outputs of the GMS Regional Investment Framework (RIF) process, including the completed and updated analytical/ sector/ thematic assessments, and tentative investment pipeline;
  • to actively engage development partners, the private sector and other stakeholders in the formulation of the RIF and in effectively supporting the new generation of GMS investments under the new GMS strategy; and
  • take up other major issues, concerns, and plans in various GMS sectors of cooperation including future GMS cooperation mechanisms (e.g., RIF implementation, institutional arrangements for Economic Corridors Forum [ECF]).

Expected outputs

  • Endorsement of the Report of the Senior Officials' Meeting (which includes SOM notation of the Progress Report on the GMS RIF Status and Priority Directions)
  • Endorsement of the Report of the Development Partners' Meeting
  • Joint Ministerial Statement
  • Signing of the MOU for the Establishment of the GMS Regional Power Coordination Center (RPCC)
  • Launch of the GMS Environment Atlas 2nd edition

Target participants

Participation is by invitation only

  • GMS Ministers
  • GMS Senior Officials headed by the GMS National Coordinators
  • Development Partners
  • ADB representatives
  • GMS Business Forum