Annual Donor Consultation Meeting for Financing Partnership Facilities and Cooperation Funds

Event | 12 - 14 March 2012 ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines

Advancing partnerships forms an integral part of the operational goals and performance measures of ADB's Strategy 2020. As a result, official cofinancing in ADB operations has been increasing. It reached $3.49 billion in 2011 from $333 million in 2007.

Various cofinancing mechanisms are available to financing partners for developing member countries (DMCs). ADB-administered facilities and funds are tailored to financing partners' specific concerns and priorities for any given countries, sectors, and themes, offer ADB's full range of services including procurement, disbursement and project supervision, and further extend vast DMC project experiences to maximize aid effectiveness and efficiency.

During the fifth Annual Donor Consultation Meeting, facility and fund managers will present the performance and results of active facilities and funds to financing partners and representatives from non-contributing partners, who are invited as observers. Active funds namely, poverty and environment fund, gender and development cooperation fund, and governance cooperation funds will be discussed on 12 March 2012. Financing partnership facilities (FPFs) will be discussed on 13-14 March 2012.

Operational since 2006, FPFs have become an important tool to mainstream sector and thematic cofinancing in clean energy, water, and urban development. FPFs actively promote strategic, long-term and multi-partner cooperation.

The Annual Donor Consultation Meeting will also introduce ADB's new and ongoing initiatives in energy for all, solar energy, financial sector development, urban climate change resilience, sustainable and inclusive transport, sustainable energy, and food security and climate change.

The Office of Cofinancing Operations and the Regional and Sustainable Development Department will jointly host the annual consultation meeting for donors participating in the ADB-administered cooperation funds (CFs) and trust funds under financing partnership facilities (FPFs).

The aim is to strengthen the partnership between ADB and donors for enhanced aid effectiveness under the FPFs and trust funds. Facility and fund managers will report their 2011 performance and results, and 2012 work programs.

ADB will also introduce new and ongoing bank-wide initiatives and cofinancing instruments, and seek donors' continued support for the sector and thematic facilities and trust funds.

  • gain insights on the strategic directions of ADB sectors and themes under FPFs and CFs
  • be updated on the status of the performance, accomplishments and challenges of FPFs and CFs

Expected outputs

  • clearer understanding of ADB's strategic focus and direction, and upcoming and ongoing initiatives and approaches in specific sectors and themes
  • continued support and additional commitment for cofinancing

Target participants

Participation is by invitation only

  • existing bilateral donors to FPFs and CFs
  • other bilateral donors as observers

Resource speakers

  • FPF and CF managers
  • sector and thematic experts