5th Delft Symposium on Water Sector Capacity Development


The 5th in the series of Delft Symposia on Water Sector Capacity Development that started in 1991, the current symposium focuses on the theme “Developing Capacity from Rio to Reality – Who’s Taking the Lead?”

The 5th Delft Symposium is the international forum for development practitioners, researchers, sector specialists, policy makers and capacity development specialists to debate who can take the lead in knowledge and capacity development across sectors, disciplines and other boundaries so it can be leveraged to become more effective and efficient as countries strive for green growth and “blue sustainability.” The symposium will be held at UNESCO-IHE.


The following organizations are collaborating in the preparation of the Symposium:


Individuals and organizations interested in participating in the Symposium should register before 10 May 2013. For more information, visit the 5th Delft Symposium website.