6th World Water Forum

Event | 12 - 17 March 2012 Marseille, France


Every 3 years since 1997, the World Water Forum under the leadership of the World Water Council, mobilizes creativity, innovation, competence and know-how in favor of water. It a world wide platform where water stakeholders gather to take stock of today's problems, challenges and breaktroughs in managing the water resources at the local, national, regional and global levels.

The goal of the 6th World Water Forum is to tackle the challenges our world is facing and to bring water high on all political agenda. The 6th World Water Forum - Time for Solutions - will show how the international water community contributes towards solving the major water-related challenges, from access to water for all and everyone to climate change and food security. It will be the birthplace of strong commitments and partnerships aimed at the introduction and scaling up of promising solutions by all stakeholders from the different regions: elected representatives, decision makers, civil society, financial partners and experts.

In order to best respond to local, national and global water challenges, the 6th World Water Forum is guided by 12 priorities for Action and 3 Conditions for Success, translated into common and measurable goals. These targets and their correponding roadmaps provide a strategic frame to the identification and replication of promising solutions.

ADB is taking the lead in organizing a session on Financing Water in Integrated Manner under the broad umbrella of the Conditions for Success: Financing Water for All. ADB is also directly supporting other thematic sessions such as green growth, integrated sanitation, food security and on science-policy interface by providing case studies and resource persons for these thematic areas.

ADB session

ADB's session, "Beyond Taps and Toilets: Innovative Water Financing for Basins, the Environment and Agriculture," will be held on March 13 from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.


To present innovative aproaches, options, and solutions to financing and pricing water for ecosystems services, basin management, environment, and agricultural water.


The session will look beyond traditional financing schemes for water supply and sanitation and provide for cutting edge financing policy options for non-traditional sector. Six cases will be presented:

  • Financing ecosystems services within a basin context from a French experience
  • The use of hydropower royalties to finance sustainable basin management from the Lao PDR experience
  • Financing ecosystems services in the People's Republic of China: innovation and public investment
  • Financing water delivery services in multiple use irrigation system from the experience of the People's Republic of China
  • Public-private partnership for financing irrigation of the Guerdane irrigation system in Morocco
  • The use of markets for financing water in agriculture and the environment from the Australian experience.