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ADB Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific 2012: Green Urbanization (Dissemination Event)

Event | 21 August 2012 ADBI, Tokyo, Japan


To present ADB's study on green urbanization in Asia to the general audience in Japan and solicit their views and comments on the key findings and messages of the study.


Rapid economic development in the developing countries of Asia and the Pacific region has lifted millions of people from extreme poverty. The Asian "economic miracle" is driven by the cities, and in turn drives city growth and social transformation. The poor have benefited from economic opportunities that the cities offered. But the wealth production of cities has not necessarily contributed to improved living conditions for the vast majority of Asia's urban population.

It is time for countries to be proactive and take far-sighted action to fully exploit the opportunities that urbanization offers. In a regional context, it has to act now to begin a concerted regional effort to help cities unleash their potential to spur economic growth and solve social problems. Developing and financing livable, competitive, socially inclusive, and environmentally attractive cities is central to Asia's future prosperity and well-being.

The special chapter of ADB's Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific 2012 examines in detail the challenges and opportunities presented by the region's breakneck urban boom. It will discuss how can Asia act decisively to pave the way for green, resource-friendly cities as well as argue the possible role that contributory factors to urban agglomeration, viz., rising educational attainments, growth of the middle class and declining birth rates can play in helping improve the environment, if properly managed.


The objectives of the event are:

  • to present evidence based on research and studies of selected Asian countries that show the unique features of Asia's urbanization;
  • discuss the enormous challenges caused by unprecedented urbanization; and
  • discuss appropriate policies that will promote green urbanization in Asia.


Dissemination activity as part of the ADB's flagship publication on Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific 2012.


Policymakers, academics and the general public.


English (Consecutive English-Japanese interpretation will be available)