APEC Financial Regulators Training Initiative: Seminar on Risk Management for Securities Regulators


The seminar aims to draw participation from financial regulators around the Asia and Pacific Region. This seminar on risk assessment focuses on the Financial Services Authority (FSA) risk-based approach to regulation: advance, risk-responsive operating framework (ARROW).


Upon completion of this 5-day course, the participants should be able to:

  • identify the main risks as they arise in security regulation;
  • measure the importance of those risks;
  • mitigate those risks where their size justifies; and
  • monitor and report on progress of risk management.

Expected outputs

  • ARROW case studies on planning, evaluation, and validation

Target participants

Financial regulators in 13 economies in the Asia and Pacific Region

Resource speakers

Speakers from the UK Financial Services Authority

  • Gregory Konczak
  • Matthew Pegg, Firm Risk Team, Risk Department, UK FSA