APEC Financial Regulators Training Initiative: Regional Seminar on Dealing with Problem Banks

Drawing lessons from recent financial crises, the existence of a continuously updated contingency plan or preparedness has been shown to be an essential component of financial supervisors’ tool kit for addressing financial disruption or crisis. This course, hosted by the Financial Supervisory Commission of Cook Islands, is intended to give participants an understanding of the options and alternative actions that can be taken in dealing with problem banks and what supplementary measures are available if the problems are not satisfactorily addressed.

Since the collapse of some of the regional markets in Asia in 1997, some governments commenced an extensive economic program focused on macroeconomic stability and structural reform of the financial sector. Individual banks, too, carried out efforts to restructure their management systems. This seminar also focuses on restructuring efforts in the banking system and evaluates the progress and effectiveness of the reform in dealing with problem banks. Case studies, drawn from regional experiences will be a key component of the learning experience.