APEC Financial Regulators Training Initiative: Regional Seminar on Enforcement

This seminar, hosted by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka, is a practical workshop-style involving the policies, procedures and practices for the assessment of allegations, the investigation strategy, scoping, planning and methodology and the interview model. Case studies will be introduced on day 1 and the group will continue to build on these cases throughout the next 4 days of workshops.

Each group will first make an assessment of the allegations to arrive at a set of recommendations for the next course of action from which the group will develop a plan for conducting the investigation and then apply the knowledge gained for conducting interviews of witnesses and suspects using the interview model. Participants will receive practical feedback on each stage of the process.

The seminar will conclude with comparing the enforcement sanctions to assess best practices for regional harmonization. The regional market offers a number of case studies to use on carrying out cross border enforcement activities from which other regulatory agencies can learn from.