ASEAN Rice Trade Forum

Purpose / Background

The ASEAN Rice Trade Forum seeks to serve as a platform for promoting coherent and coordinated policy actions on rice trade to advance the goal of food security in the ASEAN region.

The theme of the Forum is managing the risks of extreme rice price volatility caused by policy shocks and supply distortions brought about by climate change, through coherent and coordinated policy actions.

The Forum is convened, on a pilot basis, by the ASEAN Food Security Reserve Board (AFSRB), in coordination with the ASEAN Secretariat and the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

ADB's technical assistance on food security of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) provides financial support for the ASEAN Rice Trade Forum.


At the end of the Forum, participants will have

  • shared and analyzed rice market information
  • identified areas of cooperation and policy coordination to mitigate or avoid extreme rice price volatility
  • determined long-term and strategic policy reforms for the sustained development of regional rice trade
  • tested and discussed the business processes and arrangements involved in organizing a rice trade forum

Expected Outputs

  • Event highlights
  • Draft policy recommendations to the ASEAN Food Security Reserve Board for promoting an environment conducive to rice trade

Target Participants

Members of the ASEAN Food Security Reserve Board, rice traders, relevant ASEAN and ASEAN Plus Three bodies, development partners, and civil society organizations.

Resource Speakers

The four key presenters are

Two to three experts or discussants will share their views on each of the presentations.